Principal’s Desk

The aim of education should be to teach us rather how to think, than what to think...

I am delighted to take charge as the Principal of this wonderful school. It has been an exciting year as we worked hard with our renewed mission of empowering lives and transforming future towards our vision of community and future leaders and ready to learn achievers. Together the mission, vision and values represent our collective passion, dream and aspirations and guide us in the right direction in how we work with our parents, community and stake holders to realize the full potential of the most important factors of education i.e. our students.

I, as the head of the institution feel proud to have the most dynamic and professional staff who are ever ready to enrich their professional competencies and developing the future queens as emerging leaders at all levels. It is needless to mention that in these years Queens College has made a remarkable and speedy progress attaining the greater heights in all the fields. Being innovative, creative and techno savvy are the essentials of 21st century education system and we at Hari Vidya Bhawan take adequate measures to train our students in problem solving, critical and inventive thinking, decision making etc.

We are trying consciously to give to the community the best of global citizens in form of empowered women. My entire team takes care of each child’s self esteem and individuality. The students are encouraged to investigate, research and infer, thus enhancing the vision vistas of knowledge themselves.

As I take the leadership of the school, I look forward to continue to the best practices of my predecessors and at the same time creating new avenues for a more wholesome development of our contribution to the society.

Mrs. Pooja Dhankar,